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Welcome stone of the Prince of the Saltee Islands, on Great Saltee off the coast of Co. Wexford, Ireland. In December 1943 the Saltees were purchased by Michael Neale, who styled himself Prince Michael the First, and entered into a protracted dispute with the Irish authorities over his right to govern, and taxes. After his death in January 1998 the islands are were passed on to his five sons Michael - now the prince, John  Manfred, Paul, Richard,  and his daughter Anne.  The island is open to free daily visits for anyone who wants to visit and experience its incredible wildlife.  .© 2011 Dave Walsh..The Saltee Islands. .And the waters surrounding them are an absolute possession of the prince of the Saltees and his heirs..No man or assembly of men has any right whatsoever to interfere in the affairs of the Saltee Islands.All decisions affecting the islands are made by the prince of the Saltees and his heirs both of the male and female line..Any decision not unanimous can be brought before the absent twelve"..The "absent twelve" will consist of twelve fisherman only, who can come from any part of the earth..All people young and old, are welcome to come, see and enjoy the islands, and leave them as they found them for the unborn generations to come see and enjoy.  ..Michael the First