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L-R front: Leslie Vogel her son Jansen Panettiere and daughter Hayden Panettiere of Save the Whales Again from United States of America....L-R  Back: Hanna Fraser, Howie Cook and Dave Rastovich of sufers against cetaceans from Australia....Hollywood star of "Heroes" Hayden Panettiere, of Save the Whales Again Campaign, joins a Greenpeace parade in Anchorage Alaska, as part of a global day of activities with thousands of people, across twenty countries and more than fifty cities to send a message to delegates of the International Whaling Commission, meeting this week in Alaska to decide the future of the great whales. ..Hundreds of thousands of whales die every year because of human impacts such as pollution, ships strikes, climate change and being caught in nets, yet the Commission will focus discussion on where, when and how to hunt them. ..copyright: Walsh/Greenpeace